Thursday, 10 July 2014


Cherries, raspberries, red currants, strawberries - all red, and absolutely delicious!

Sour Cherry Cake (from our sour cherry tree - they were SO juicy, the cake took forever to bake)
Raspberry Pudding Tart (there are four different kinds of raspberries on there, all from our garden :) the super ripe looking ones are actually a dark variety we bought last year, delicious!)
 Japanische Weinbeere (no idea what those are called in English, a direct translation would be 'Japanese Wine Berry'. From our neighbour, look like raspberries, feel like the things they put on socks so you won't slip, taste a bit sour, but not bad!)
Woodland Strawberries are the BEST strawberries. Sometimes they're teeny tiny like this one, but still they have ten times the flavour of strawberries you can buy at a store.
My grandma sent quite a lot of these little guys over, together with the red currants. Isn't he adorable? (please ignore that my fingers look like I just murdered someone, I was making red currant jam...honest!)
 Another tiny fellow
 A bucket full of red currants going through my 'Flotte Lotte' (which was quite a workout) -
 - to make 1,8kg pure, sour, yummy sauce, to which I then added sugar and made delicious jam!
I dubbed these sandwiches 'blood puddle' :D (the picture doesn't do the red justice)

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