Sunday, 19 May 2013

Belated Mother's Day

A BBQ party in the rain maybe isn't the best of ideas, so our mother's day celebration was moved back a week.
I'm always the person who provides the cake, or in this case, cupcakes, and had lots of fun coming up with this one.
Quite some time ago, I stumbled upon pictures of apple roses, and then some time after saw them done by a contestant on The Great British Bake Off. So I looked up the recipe, and actually found Mary-Anne's (TGBBO contestant) blog, with the recipe for apple rose tarts.
I made a few minor adjustments, since we Austrians don't have things like double cream, and voila, apple roses! (Just for your information, if you substitute double cream with crème fraîche, the custard will turn into come kind of cheesecake. Which is still delicious!)
Find the recipe here

Other than that, I made rose cupcakes with Oreo crumbs (to look like soil), a fondant flower and a lemon balm leaf and strawberries in brownie 'dirt'. (With a sign that says 'Untererdbeeren'. Strawberries in German are 'Erdbeeren' which means 'Earthberries' in English. Adding 'unter' makes them 'Underearthberries', which of course don't actually exist, but I thought it would be cute.)


Tiki Mask (fake wood)


Black Treacle Cookies
Christmas Stollen
Fake Blueberry Muffins
Fortune Cookies
Yoghurt Cake

Grießnockerlsuppe (semolina dumpling soup)
Pumpkin Puree (no recipe, just how to make puree)


Monday, 13 May 2013

First post jitters

Welcome to Rainbow Shenanigans, the blog about...nothing specific, really.

My name is Annabel, often going by the name DeWeird.
I'm from Austria, Vienna, or like I like to call it 'the lovely but boring place where nothing ever happens'.
I am a home baker, currently looking for an apprenticeship to become a pastry chef, a novice gardener, who likes to grow her own food and an artisan, who never wants to throw anything away, because she could repurpose it.
This blog will include my bakes, my plants, my crafts, a bit of nonsense and probably a few grammatical mistakes.

The last time I had a blog was about a year ago, and sadly, it died. But I intend to keep this one alive, by feeding it lots of posts about cakes.

So wish me luck for this one, and happy reading!