Monday, 16 June 2014

I usually like cherries...

Our neighbour has a big cherry tree, and was nice enough to give us a quite a lot of cherries.
The only problem: maggots in every single one of them...
Now, if you're like our neighbour, you just shrug and are happy about the extra nutrients. Yeah, well, I'm not really fond of creepy crawlies in my cake, but maybe that's just me.
My mum suggested to throw the cherries into hot water for a bit, because, according to her, the maggots would flee the cherries and I could just fish them out.
Tried it, and ended up with well done maggots...still inside the cherries. Oh well.
Thankfully I'm not squeamish, so I just cut open every single cherry and discarded the pit and eventual inhabitants. (Unless of course the cherry looked really unappealing inside or housed an entire family)

Apart from taking ages, it was actually kind of fun, because my kitchen looked like a scene from a horror movie. Red cherry juice splatters everywhere!
I made a yogurt-cup cake (you can find the recipe HERE), which is already half gone, so yay.

Next I'll probably  bake something red currant-y, because our garden is full of them! Unless, of course, I eat them all before that. Red currants with sugar~~~~~ *Q*

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