Thursday, 24 April 2014

Magic Lemonade!

This is Magic Lemonade, also known as red clover lemonade.
Why is it magic, you ask? 
Scroll down to see!

Red Clover Lemonade

130 red clovers
640ml (~2 ¾ cup) water
200ml (~ ¾ cup + 1tbsp) lemon juice

 Thoroughly wash the clovers.
Then put them in a pot, together with the water, and boil for 8 minutes.
 This is the first part of the magic: the red clovers turn into white clovers! (sorry about the bad quality, the steam wouldn't let me take good pictures)
 All you need is the juice, so either use a fine mesh sieve or a cheesecloth to get out all the clover parts.
Now you're probably asking yourself, why the liquid is yellow, and not the pretty colour in the first picture.
Because the magic happens now.
 Pour in the lemon juice...
 ...and watch the juice transform!
 yellow + yellow = bright pink! Who knew
 Then just add honey (I added quite a bit, because yumm, honey~) and water to taste, and either drink it straight away, or refrigerate.

Have a video of the magic:

On a last note: pregnant people, or people using blood thinners, should not drink this lemonade.

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