Wednesday, 23 April 2014

And another Easter post!

This time, it's all about the booty.
Yes, Easter booty.

Okay, this is a friendly reminder, that I am 24 and my sister is 29.
And THIS is our Easter haul:

 My sister's half (the Nutella and Frozen DVD belong to both of us)
 And my half.

I love my grandmas, I really do, but they're ridiculous when it comes to Easter. Every year we ask them to please not buy as much chocolate (I'm trying to lose weight over here!), but it seems like every year it just gets more and more!
Our parents actually listened this time, and instead of chocolate, I got shirts for example! Awesome!
I really don't want to come off as ungrateful, because I am thankful for all that absofudginglutely delicious chocolate...but soon I'll have a heart attack. (Because once I HAVE chocolate, I WILL eat it)

Oh, and if you think 24 and 29 is a bit old for Easter (I'm getting free chocolate and other things, I don't see why that should be a problem), both our parents also still hunt for Easter eggs.
Yeah, we're just awesome like that 8D *puts on shades*
 Do you know that awesome Disney paint? The checkered one? Well, I got one this year 8D
See? Checkered paint!! (my sister always has the best ideas, seriously)

Okay, this concludes my last Easter post this year. I think.

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  1. Don't go telling everyone how ancient I am!
    Gawds, so much chocolate xD
    Omama halt ..