Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter presents part 1

I'm a bit weird.
Nothing new, I know.
Anyway, since...always really, every time I gave someone something on Easter, it was from 'The Easter bunny of Doom'.
I even made black bunny cookies with red eyes before (even beheaded one, and hid it next to an axe).
Don't look at me like that, I told you I was weird!
So these are the two eggs my parents will be getting this year:

 This egg has a bit of an odd shape, and sadly didn't take the black as well as the other one.

If you want to make eggs of doom, you'll need:

boiled eggs
liquid food colour
disposable gloves
powdered food colour

Put on your gloves, put a little bit of vinegar onto your palm, then take an egg (still hot) and roll it around in your hands.
Then put some food colour on the egg, and keep rolling or tossing it between your hands.
Let the egg dry.
For decorating, just do as you would with a cake.
Mix the food colour with a little bit of vodka and then paint.
The egg colour will mix with your paint colour a bit, so if you're painting white onto black, always wipe your brush between strokes, or you'll have grey paint.

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