Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Long time no see!
Is it my fault? Well, only a bit.
Is it my Photoshop's fault? You can bet it is!
It's not like I don't want to post. I have tons of things I want to share!
My Photoshop just decided to die a horrible, horrible death, leaving me 'quickly-making-pictures-pretty'-less.
And I refuse to post pictures straight from the camera, now that I have witnessed the power of Photoshop Actions.

Aaanyway, I have news!
I won something!
/pause while I do a victory lap around a chair
So, I entered a skull-themed design competition at stoff'n, a site where you can upload any design/pattern/image you want and they'll print you some lovely fabric.
First place (ME!!) got 80€ (100$) to spend, which, I won't lie, won't get you very far, but I'm absolutely excited none the less.
(If you're wondering, I spent my money on 2m (about 2yd) of the cheapest fabric, 3 teeny tiny test pieces and shipment)

Now, winning is already awesome, but the second part is that now my 3 designs in the top 20 (mine were on #1, #3 and #20) can be bought! And every time someones buys a piece (ranging from 20cm to fat quarters, to meters), I earn a little bit of money!
Which is rather brilliant, if you ask me.

Probably making an apron out of my Chefskull fabric, we'll see :D

On another, more serious note, it pains me to tell you that the little lemony tentacle monster did not survive. Rest in peace, little wiggle.

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  1. Love the patterns :3
    And great victory lap xD

    Farewell tentacles~