Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How anyone could be that unorganised

No, I'm not talking about me in that title, but about IKEA.
Remember about that contest, and how I already said that they didn't think everything through? Well, I asked them in an email where I should bring my finished furniture, and got the reply that sorry, but they're no longer allowed to display the entries.
Insert eyebrow raise.
At least I'm supposed to send them pictures, so I'm still taking part in the contest.
It's actually a small blessing in disguise, because I'm not really happy with how everything turned out, so now I won't have the judges taking closer looks.
And...I just realised that I forgot to put on his bow tie (the only thing I actually liked about the whole thing). Oh well. When I'm bored and have money to spare, I'll add a few more layers of paint (you can see the streaks on the door, and the back of the arms aren't actually painted).
EDIT: And my sister just told me that I also forgot the hearts! Of course I did! Looks like I not only have a fail!whale, but also a fail!clock/shelf.
 I wanted a smooth finish, which sadly didn't work out, because that whale hates me. But he doesn't look as bad as I thought he would.
 Still thinking about making a new whale though. Don't take it personally, FrankenFailWhale.
EDIT #2: My sister also just told me that my whale looks like he has dreadlocks. Seriously, FrankenFailWhale, could you be any more of a fail?


  1. The Timelord Clock looks so sassy xD
    And don't be mean to the whale *pokes*

    1. Well, the Doctor IS sassy, so~

      But he fails. At everything. Even at being a whale. Instead of blowing water out of his blow hole, he has dreads. Talk about fail.

    2. I like the whale *pouts*