Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pimp your IKEA

So, I entered an IKEA competition 'Pimp your IKEA item' or something like that.
You send in a sketch of a customised IKEA item, and if the jury likes it, you get the item to transform.
Then your item will be put on display at IKEA, and once the competition is over, the entry the jury likes best gets 2000€ (~2700$)

So wish me luck, because two of my entries were chosen! :D
The great thing is that, even if I shouldn't get first or second place, I still get to keep both my items, which together cost 220€ (~300$). So yeah, won already!

I'm still working on everything, but here, have my sketches:

Both my Timelord and Whale lamp were chosen!
I'm making the whale out of cooked paper mache, which should get pretty sturdy, so let's hope it won't fall apart while it's on display.

I made a few changes to my Timelord, the biggest one being that I'm painting everything blue. We (my dad, my sister and I) came to that decision after lots of arguing, because my dad said it would be too much work to sand everything first. I really wanted it in brown, with the wood pattern still shining through, but oh well...

So, I have a week for everything (because the IKEA staff clearly didn't think this competition through, and most of the time have no idea what's going on themselves. I mean, I still don't even know where to bring my finished things!), which isn't that much time, really, but hopefully I'll finish everything on time.

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