Friday, 24 July 2015

Happy Accidents

I am no professional baker and I am also owner of a very confused oven. So it comes to no surprise that some of my creations come out as...not quite perfect.

My oven, never minding what temperature I put it on, decided to be way too hot, making my meringues crack left and right. I was pretty down, because I had imagined this really great looking cake with great looking meringues on top, but no, my oven hates me.

But when my sister saw the cracked meringues, she immediately suggested I put eyes on them, so they would look like delicious little monsters!
Which, as she repeatedly told me, suited me much better anyway.

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes little accidents make everything even better! :D

 I only recently bought a cake decorating stand, so this was the first time I was using it, plus the first time I tried making a gradient frosting. Isn't it pretty? :DDD
I might have overdone the ganache a bit though...

Say Aaaah~~!

The cake was a chocolate cake, with vanilla frosting, fresh raspberries and meringue crumbs in between the layers.

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  1. Well, it *does* suit you better ^^
    The cake was sooooo yummy >w<
    And pretty, obviously~