Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry Cheesemas!

Okay, I will start posting again, even though I still don't have photoshop, because there's so much to share!
So first off: Merry belated Christmas! Or Happy Holidays! Whatever you'd rather hear.

For the first time in pretty much ever, I am actually proud of something I have made.
Remember this pizza?
Well, I decided to make my sister a more permanent one out of latex.
I'd never done anything like this before, only a teeny, tiny shrunken head, which doesn't really count, just because it was that tiny.
So I bet I did a lot of stuff wrong, but the outcome is what counts, and like I said, I'm actually rather pleased with it.

 I first made the pizza, then the cheese out of clay and then molded it.
 Then poured in the latex, which actually firmed up way quicker than I thought it would.
(I accidentally broke the pizza mold and had to patch it before pouring in the latex...and later the whole thing broke...oh well)
 I didn't have much space to work on, so I wrapped my cake decorating table in aluminium foil and just used that. Together with my very professional tools: popsicle sticks, a kitchen sponge and bottle caps.
 I made the cheese after the pizza, and accidentally made it too small >-< After I was almost finished with everything, I thought of the ball with which the pizza was gagged in the episode, so I painted a ping pong ball (while giggling to myself the entire time...fumes, man) and used that.
The sauce and pepperoni were supposed to have a glossy finish, but I didn't have anything at home, and it being the holidays, the stores were either closed or I didn't have time. Personally, I'd still like to make it glossy now, but my sister says it's okay like this. For the next one, then ;)
 I'd say this is one of the best reactions one can get for a Christmas present reveal :D
 Pizzaface minion, gagged and bound, ready for questioning.

 And it fit perfectly into my sister's new shell backpack! So we took it along to our grandma's, where we had a bit of fun with it.
Like so ;)

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  1. Just for the record: you're the awesomest little sister ever >W<