Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pic Dump

I always take pictures to post on this blog.
I just always forget to post them /cough

So here's a little pic dump of recent events, in no particular order.

 Banana split Cheesecake! Recipe may follow, unless I'm lazy...which I probably will be.
 Banana Brownies! Just add two bananas to this recipe.
 Banana SoufflĂ©!
 Superbowl Food Package I made for my dad and sister.
 I couldn't decide which pie to make on Pi day, so I made halves (chocolate fudge and buttermilk)
 And also a square Pie.
 On St. Patrick's Day, I actually made more than just this green fruit salad, but the other pictures didn't look very...appetising. (But it tasted good!)
Tip: If you've never drawn a wolf before, see that your first try isn't on a cake...
Birthday cake for my friend (and yes, I know how to spell wolf, but her nickname is Wulf, so~)

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