Friday, 21 June 2013

I'm watching you, Wazowski, aaalways watching.

After 12 years...there is finally...A PREQUEL!
I am talking about Monsters University, if you were wondering, but honestly, you should know from that sentence alone already.

When Pixar kept posting sneak peeks of the movie, my sister and I decided that we'd make ourselves MU shirts. I chose Oozma Kappa, because I think that's where I'd fit in best (my sister thinks that Art is my soul mate or something...I have no idea why), and my sister, always being evil villain like fond of the bad guys, chose Roar Omega Roar.
But just shirts weren't enough, oh no. My dad and I also costumized our 3D glasses. Yes, as you can see in the following pictures, even Mikey has his own pair of glasses. At this point I want to mention that my sister and I are both over twenty, and my dad past 50. And I have no idea what this 'growing up' you are talking about is. Can you eat it?

 I did the applique work on both shirts and...I have to be honest, I thought it would be way easier, since I was using my sewing machine. But nope, everything's wobbly, but at least you can't really tell here. I'll stitch a yellow line around the letters on my sister's shirt tomorrow, didn't have time for it today.
I love Roz. I don't know if you can tell, but I tried to model my 3D glasses to look like hers :D
If you're curious, I used air drying clay, and modeled directly onto the glasses, peeled it off, let it dry, glued it back on, painted it, and voila, Roz' glasses.
My dad on the other hand took a saw to his glasses and made this awesome three eyed one. The left over part was then turned into Mikey's.
 What did I tell you? Evil people, those Roar Omega Roars.
(My mum got mad at me, when I said I looked more like the Scare Pig. I would have made an amazing Scare Pig.)
My Mikey is already eleven years old! I got him when we were on vacation in England. But I didn't buy him, exactly. No, I spent all my pocket money, trying to fish him out of one of those claw machines. (You know, 'the claaaaaw - OOooooo~') He was expensive, but I was so happy when I finally got him! :D

Now, to the movie.
I don't want to spoil you, but that's all you need to know, really.
Baby Mike is the most adorable thing EVER, and please, can I just adopt him? How a ball with one giant eye can look that cute is beyond me.
There is a reason why Randall always has that squinting glare! And it's adorable. And the cupcakes! Also, hearts.
And Roz!

Okay, I'll stop here (because didn't I, only a few posts back, say, that's I wouldn't ramble? And look at what I'm doing).

So anyway, go watch the movie. Now.

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  1. (Let's try this again ..)

    I'm NOT evil! (Didn't we have this discussion before? xD )

    We have to go watch it again!
    Thanks for the doing the ROR :)
    Mikey's cute :3
    Love the glasses xD